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The idea of creating a community dedicated to empowering mothers daily to know their (unpaid) work is truly valid, meaningful and important came about from an exchange with a stranger.

“I would pay a million dollars to be in my mom’s arms again,” said an old man to me. The wirey, white-haired, heavy man, slouched over and could barely walk.  “You girls don’t know how lucky you are.”  It was a double-edged luckiness. He was telling us moms how lucky my 18-month-old was to be held in my arms but also how lucky we are. It was a sobering comment.


All too often we receive judgy comments from the peanut gallery that agitate us or make us feel like we just want to shrink down and hide. But this comment was different…

It made me remember my father. My father passed away at age 72, far too young. Just a few months before he passed, my mother and I heard him walking down the stairs in the middle of the night, with his doctor’s bag. “John, John,” my mother yelled trying to get his attention to snap him out of his sleep-walk mode. “John where are you going?” He responded definitively, “I’m going to visit my mother.” His mother had passed away more than a decade before.

What is that feeling to be back in our mother’s arms again? And why do we take it so lightly as mothers. We are lucky, so lucky to be the bastion of first love for our babe’s hopes, dreams and security.


One powerful connection a day packs more than 6,000 positive punches by the time a child graduates high school. Make your moments matter and shape your child’s world for life.


- Chief Mother Officer

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