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A little child walks to us through all the jobs mommy has. He celebrates all the different jobs his mom has from chef to historian to security guard, no job is too small or too big for mom. Too often the work of a mother is overlooked in our fast-paced, competitive culture or taken for granted, this book bolsters a mother’s raison d'etre and opens a child’s eyes to the nuances of mom’s work.


This tribute to mothers is written by Leslie Yeransian Dolsak and features warm and cozy illustrations by Ekaterina Filyakova. gives mothers the much-needed encouragement that -- no matter how mundane, routine or small -- their daily work serves to create better children and a better society.


Peek inside the pages for a glimpse of My Important Girl!

Order your copy of My Important Girl today to share with your favorite young readers.

The author, Leslie Yeransian Dolsak, is available for book readings, discussions and other special events. She can be contacted by emailing:

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