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Install a Seasonal Art Gallery

There is nothing better than a child who sees and loves art. Actually, yes there is, an adult who breaths and appreciates art. Stopping, looking, studying and understanding art is so human, so visceral and so cerebral. Our fast-paced world nips at our ankles to keep moving, stop looking but we must take a pause. Create that pause in your home. Here’s how to do it:

1. Carve out an area: a hallway, a nook, a wall or a room and curate an art installation, better yet make it seasonal.

2. Delegate a family member responsible for a specific season.

3. Buy simple shelves to hold paintings, I love these Lucite shelves.

4. Add pedestal display stands for large clay sculptures or these cute honeycomb cubbies for smaller creations.

5. Sprinkle in artistic, seasonal photography of you and your children, recent and throwbacks. These are easy to hang frames that capture a lot of moments in an elegant, transitional manner.

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