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Kick-off a Family Project

Holidays certainly aren’t the same anymore. Gone are the days where families are living in the same, town, on the same cul-de-sac, where even both grandparents are from the same town, made it easy to congregate. Now we have fragmented families, families living across the country, even world. Add to the fact we now speckle the map; we have faced two years of holiday seasons separated and divided by COVID19. Friends and families have been divided and strained by the pandemic.

No matter what your feelings are about COVID19, vaccines and mask wearing, put your grudges aside and get your extended family together online. Here are some tips:

1. Find a project. Where people of all ages can sit and compete or connect. We did an easter egg coloring contest.

2. Provide simple rules and a list or links to get the materials for the project.

3. Buy awards or trophies. This adds to a level of connectivity by making the event annual.

4. Keep it quick. Everyone is so “busy”, and relations can be particularly strained in today’s divisive environment with politics and the pandemic pushing people to their limits. A project of 15 minutes of deliberate focus is great for all ages, and five minutes of sharing and judging the projects.

5. Send off awards and trophies to the winners.

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