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Knock Out Our Biggest Pain-point

Laundry has to be the number one pain-point. I miss the days of living in Manhattan and sending out a bag of laundry and having it all come back perfectly folded. With Marie Kondo’s origami style of folding, the heat is on for parents, to not just do the deed but create folded masterpieces. Here are a few tips to simplify this never-ending, thankless chore:

1. Only launder and fold one family member’s clothing a day. I start Monday off with the oldest family member’s and go in age order throughout the week. My husband’s clothes are always washed on Mondays. This keeps predictability in place.

2. Buy dirty monogrammed laundry bags. I have tried wood, wicker, plastic, metal, you name it, I favor these bags with the individual’s unique colored monogram. Why? It takes up less space and you can keep the routine going on trips.

3. Always fold to a good audible or show.

Have a laundry basket designated for each individual, like this hamper set Made in USA and relatively inexpensive. Put folded clothes into the labeled basket for ease of putting away or you can add “putting away cloths” to the child’s task list.

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