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May Baskets

The lost art of hospitality. Let’s bring it back on May Day with a fun art project and game for everyone. Create May Day baskets out of construction paper or get more creative and use newspaper or a fun wrapping paper print. Add small toys, figurines, sweets, and flowers tucked into a little water vile. If you only have flowers from your yard to give, that’s wonderful too, use a tin can, fill with water, add flowers, punch two holes in top sides and add a string to hang on a doorknob.

Pick a neighbor or a couple neighbors, with kids or elderly or perhaps a new family, add their name to the basket, ring their doorbell, place the basket on their front door and run! Tell your kids if they get caught, they have to kiss the person who catches them. There’s a great history behind this tradition that dates back to the 1800s. I love this because it teaches children that they don’t always need to take credit for their generosity, sometimes hospitality and kindness is best done anonymously.

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