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Get Dirty in A Dress

Children love to see their moms dress-up. I remember staring at my mother when she got dolled up to go out with my father. It wasn’t often, but it was special. I loved seeing her put on jewelry and belt her black dress with delicate small flowers on it. She looked so feminine, exuding such beauty and happiness. It wasn’t often, but I remember it so well, because I liked seeing my mother like that, cared for and well. We have to do this for our children. Try wearing a dress once this week, forgo the workout clothes – we know you’re not working out 24/7 – opt out of the jeans for the day, or the leggings that give us no weight accountability, and put on a cute dress. And yes, you can play in a dress, and get dirty in a dress; little girls do all the time!

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