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Say Yes to the Absurd

My six-year-old came home from kindergarten and said, “Let’s make Viking Helmet Sundaes.” Too often our Wifi-focused and -fried brains ignore requests or shutdown a desire without it even being heard. This time I paused and asked, “What do we need to make them?” Oscar replied, “Bananas, ice cream, cherries and that’s it!” I went to the store and bought his ingredients. It became a grand competition of Viking Helmet Sundaes. Next time, your little one or big guy offers up an idea, listen. Give him space to be a leader. You could make the most magnificent memory!

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1 Comment

Ari Bernays
Ari Bernays
Mar 29, 2023

I love this idea! Great picture of Oscar! And its so true... actually listening to children and working through their ideas - however absurd or not, is way more helpful for children versus just kneejerk shutting down creative ideas. Time for me to go to the store and get some bananas and cherries lol!! Looks delicious!

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