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September Capsule Week 3: Bucket List Tackles

Updated: Oct 10, 2021

This month should be all about going zig when others are going zag. When others are focusing on shopping for back-to-school clothes (do that silently) and instead publicly hone-in on family bucket list items.

5. Establish a goal for the upcoming school term (i.e. run a 5k together, memorize a poem, read a new chapter book together).

Whatever you decide, establish a goal that brings you to the end of the calendar year, tackle it as a family unit.

6. Identity two states and one country you want to go to with the family this quarter. You can literally or virtually go. If you have the funds, plan one of the many upcoming school breaks before the calendar year ends and travel to a new place, experience a different culture, food and ambiance. If you have no money to travel, go there online, see a movie, check-out a library book, test a new recipe from a selected region. As a parent it's YOUR duty to culture your children.

Can you imagine how different your life and your children's lives will be if you did this every quarter. Do the math, between preschool and 12th grade your children could have the opportunity to "go" to ALL the states in our the United States TWICE and experience 56 countries. Simply choose a state or a country to discover each month. There's really no excuse. Make it happen. Post two maps, one of your country and one of the world, mark off all the places you have been with a pin or color. If your child is older, you can still do this amazing experience, speed up the process by doing one new country or state weekly rather than monthly.

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