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September Capsule Week 1: Competitive/Community Spirit

Updated: Oct 10, 2021

Ah Back-to-School: the ads, the expectations, the photos, the organizing, the schedules, the commitments. How do we navigate the stresses of this new season and still maintain the truth and beauty seen in our children's innocence?

Here are two must-dos this week to get into that competitive/community school spirit.

  1. Watermelon Eating Contest: Keep the joy and playfulness alive. Utilize the perfect summer fruit (before it's retired from the produce area til next season) in a competitive manner. Simply sit your family around an outdoor table, cut and serve very large watermelon wedges, tie hands behind back and go. Whoever gets to the rind, and only the rind first, wins.

2. Invite the neighbors for Legos: As we live in a faster more transient society it is even more important to keep your community ties strong. Gone are the days when neighbors and community friends are invited over for casual bbq's, but the happiest

people in the world -- the Danes -- have it right, they know the cozy, intimacy created in casual at-home celebrations. Have neighbors or friends from town over for tapas and legos. Put a wide variety of lego parts and characters in a beautiful large wood or glass bowl, use a one-cup baking scoop to give each person two scoops of legos. See what can be produced in just three-minutes. Each participant then shares around the table by naming and introducing their lego creation. You'll be surprised to see even the most resistant participants crack a chuckle. It's always nice to accompany this challenge with some suspenseful music.

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