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Value of Life

Sometimes it takes a 7-year-old to know. I’ve been busy the past few months, excuse the hiatus. I have taken note of where my attention has been drawn though, it’s been drawn to a consideration for life. How timely in the month of May (Mary) to celebrate life and tend to the vulnerable.

Neighbors new to our area, ironically from California, just cut down at least 20 beautiful, historic, tall standing trees. These were trees of significance, they had roots, history and love of our woods. They were part of the community far before the newcomers. These pines and oaks are what make our area so breath-taking. My son could visibly see my distress.

I spoke up to the work crew, called the historic society, attempted to take action but the homeowners were nowhere to be found. Bottom-line, things happened too fast and money often steamrolls the truth. That’s exactly what happened, 36 hours later, three solid days of loud cutting, I am still deeply distressed about this.

We see and hear people proudly virtue signaling against climate change yet then afront nature’s deep roots. When this intersection happens, it’s proof of a person’s values being flimsy and actions ugly. My seven-year-old son summarized the injustice when he looked out the window, “But those trees helped us breath.” Can we genuinely care for nature the way we post signs exalting our virtue? Or is our protesting too loud to hear the rustling cry of a dear tree.

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