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Curate Outfits: For them and you.

Take the brainwork out every morning. On Sunday night, I put all the kids’ outfits together in packing cubes. I bought three sets of these and use the larger ones for my oldest son, the medium sized for my middle son, and the smallest size for my toddler. When children open their drawer every morning, they just pull out a packing cube and they are self-sufficient. A few tips:

- Picky dressers? Let your kids pick out their favorite 10 shirts and 10 pants, then together you make seven outfits. It’s a win-win.

- Check out the week’s forecast to dress accordingly.

- Do the same thing for yourself. I tracked down these adorable bespoke hangers with the days of the week, and one custom hanger to spice up your week. I accompany them with a simple canvas sack to hold accessories for the particular day. You will look better and feel better and so will your kids.

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