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Encourage the Simpler, but Self-Reliant Road

In a society riddled with Wifi, devices and clouds that are not nature, a reprieve to nature is welcomed. We hit the Berkshires for tubing. After a couple of hours, I was stunned to see my fifth grader running up the hill while the majority of tubers standing shoulder-to-shoulder riding the conveyor belt.

When I asked Jack what he was doing, he replied, ”I’m seeing how many riders I can beat.At the start, I see the guy next to me and when I reach the top of the hill I see how many people are between us.” Efficiency, yes. Energy, yes. Self-reliance, absolutely.

While taking the easy, automated approach to life might be what everyone else is doing. Try to encourage and mirror doing a task that’s self-reliant. With machines in such demand and abundance, it’s refreshing to experience man at work with even greater might.

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