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Brave & Bold on Epiphany

We often dwell in the negative, the drama and the differences. We imagine the grass is greener somewhere else. We critique. We fear monger. We are criticized. Let’s change that dynamic and concentrate on wins. Complimenting. Magnifying. Praising. On Epiphany, I’m starting 2023 off with my goal: to do something beautiful for others weekly. We live in a generation so caught up in self-love that our depression rates have increased four-fold. Let’s get out of ourselves and serve others in a beautiful way.

Today my three-year-old daughter, Beatrice, and I are making Galette des Rois cakes, complete with a trinket inside and a crown on top. We are making not one, but four, for families with new babies. (Go bold or go home.)

Providing a meal to a family with a new baby is always a delight. The only thing sweeter is making or baking a treat you’ve never attempted before. It’s a brave action my favorite alum, Julia Childs from my alma mater Smith College, would often take. Childs never let age be a hurdle to starting something new.

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