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October Capsule Week 2: Tradition Handed Down

Updated: Oct 10, 2021

Root your children and give them wings to fly. There's no better way to do that than to ground them in tradition, your OWN family tradition. Humans thrive on routine. While things might seem obtusely obvious (like sitting down to eat a meal together) it's important to make the dinner acutely book-ended in tradition. You can do this by starting with a prayer or words of gratitude and ending with an individual taking plates to the sink.

I went to boarding school, and while these small things seemed obvious -- of course someone is going to serve the dishes and then take the dishes to the sink -- if the academy hadn't designated a first server and a second server, nothing would have taken place in an orderly fashion.

  1. Designate a first server and a second server this month. The first server delivers the plates, silverware, glassware, utensils and food to the table. The second server clears the table after dinner is done. This teaches children the beauty and order in formality.

If the duty is not done, what happens? The academy I attended would give points for failure to show-up, once points accumulated the individual would not be allowed to do sporting events. If points mounted higher, the student wouldn't be allowed to leave their dorm room when others had free time outside. This teaches commitment and accountability. While penalties can be great for older children, rewards might be better for smaller children. Children thrive on jobs and responsibility. Don't take this life-building skill away from our youth. Give your family the gifts of duty and order.

2. Pick a puzzle and complete it. I love puzzles because they are synonymous with life:

solving issues on your own, being patient and seeing a task to the end. Pick a fall puzzle, find a spot you can leave it untouched safely and work on it together as a family. Or

when your child is stressed out or in a rut, offer the puzzle as the solution for peace, not an iPad.

When the puzzle is complete glue it and frame it. Start creating a puzzle

gallery of all your completed masterpieces. This is such a healthy individual and

team-bonding tradition.

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