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October Capsule Week 3: 180 Degree Change

180 Days, that’s how many days of school in any given academic year. Between PreK and when your child graduates high school you, as a parent/caregiver, can carve out 180 dates -- one special date a month over the course of those influential 15 years – to impact your child’s life. What will you do this month, one-on-one, no phones, not even on silence mode, no distractions, no other children, just you and your child doing something together? Take some time to jot down the dialogue had, the experience enjoyed, the indelible memory reaped. Today, too many parents rely on technology and pricey excursions as a means to bond with their children. I believe we are seeing this doesn't work and causes further disconnection. Deliberately diary a special time monthly to spend with each member of your family. Cost? Nothing or minimal. Impact? Immense.

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