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Power of a Pup

If you are an animal lover, chances are your children will spend their childhoods raising one or two dogs or cats. Make the adoption of a new "family member" into your home a special one. Here are ten action steps you must take TOGETHER as a family before you welcome your special new family member:

  1. Shop for pet items.

  2. Decide on a name.

  3. Make an identification tag.

  4. Create a designated space.

  5. Place a worn garment of each family member's in that space.

  6. Serve up food and water.

  7. Designate a beautiful binder for all health records.

  8. Buy a notebook to record the animal's bond with your family.

  9. Take a video of your family greeting its newest member.

  10. Say a prayer of gratitude during your first dinner together as a larger family.

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